Linux Tools: zenoss



Zenoss delivers powerful IT monitoring in a free, integrated, 
easy-to-use software package. it was written in python and java.
For too long organizations have struggled to manage their growing
infrastructures because sophisticated monitoring tools were too
complex and expensive.
Through the power of open source, we are changing the game in IT
management with enterprise-grade network and systems
monitoring for a fraction of the cost.


* Monitoring availability of network devices using SNMP, SSH, WMI
* Monitoring of network services (HTTP, POP3, NNTP, SNMP, FTP)
* Monitoring of host resources (processor, disk usage) on most network operating systems.
* Time-series performance monitoring of devices
* Extended Microsoft Windows monitoring via Windows Management
* Instrumentation using SAMBA and Zenoss open source extensions
* Event management tools to annotate system alerts
* Automatically discovers network resources and changes in network configuration
* Alerting system provides notifications based on rule sets and on-call calendars
* Supports Nagios plug-in format

version: zenoss core 4.0
home page: